Auckland University and BBM

Evaluating BBM’s approach to health study

BBM Auckland Uni

BBM has partnered with researchers from the University of Auckland to explore the evidence base for BBM. The team is led by senior research fellow Dr Fa’asisila Savila, with three-year funding from the Health Research Council to evaluate the effectiveness of the BBM programme for sustained health and well being, including monitoring changes in weight over time. BBM is seeking participants and people who are committed to their health to be involved in ‘Evaluating BBM’s approach to health study’

If this is something you’d love to do to keep you accountable and focused on your health journey, click here to register

For more information relating to the study please see the files attached:

Participant Information Sheet for BBM Participants

Participant Information Sheet for BBM Participants in Te Reo Māori

If you plan to participate in BBM’s From the Couch – please download the forms below.
FTC BBM Maori-Translation

Email contact: Sila Savila [email protected]