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Our 90-day program guides you through making a true life change. Unlock your real motivation, lose weight, build new habits and start living life again.

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We’ve helped thousands of people get their lives back by losing weight and keeping it off.

The BBM Program is based on Dave’s own weight loss journey. The foundations of our program is the revolutionary Brain, Body and Movement system developed by a team of experts.

Dave Letele – Founder of the BBM Program

How it works


Form and create new habits that last a lifetime. We help you become more aware of what builds you up, and what tears you down. Unlock your true motivations and discover your why.


Learn the importance of healthy foods and how to cook them. We help you understand what food is your best fuel. We have carefully created hundreds of tasty, easy and affordable recipes, for you.


From basic movement to blood pumping workouts. We help you understand the importance of moving. Our workouts are more than just breaking a sweat, it’s about unleashing your true self and fighting the inner voices.

Real people, real results.

  • Making excuses burns zero calories an hour, so it’s time to stop making excuses and make that 1st step to a better life!!

    Joe Lost 20kgs
  • The BBM Program has changed my life. It is more than a weight loss program, this program has shown me how to live to my fullest!

    Luke Lost 84kg