Welcome to BBM Motivation

BBM Motivation was established in 2014 across the Auckland region to achieve health, fitness and motivational goals. BBM runs programs to help people lose weight in a healthy sustainable way.

BBM Motivation also has a special focus on obese people that have given up on life because of their circumstances; much suffering diabetes and other physical illnesses along with mental health-related issues, e.g., depression, etc.

BBM Vision Statement is to “Reduce obesity amongst Maori and Pacific People in New Zealand through education thereby enabling them to choose a healthy and active life-style for the duration of their lives, their children, their wider family and the community”.


Finally, take control of your life and build the body you deserve!

The BBM App

The BBM app offers Bodyweight workouts for all fitness levels with customised meal plans, motivation, and support. This is a monthly subscription program accessible to anyone using a computer or mobile phone.

$67/8 weeks

The BBM App

Simple Workouts that work
Track your Progress
Complete Shopping list
24/7 support from me and my team
Members-only Facebook Group

Our Heroes

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What people have said

I enjoyed being motivated, inspired and challenged, not being left alone, having team encouragement and looking forward to see the team members every week.

John, Clendon

I've always loved the atmosphere of BBM and the sense of belonging. I cant fault anything about BBM! it needs to be everywhere.

Mary, Randwick Park

The BBM program saved my life. It is more than a weight loss program, this program is life changing! It has been the best thing I've done.