Real stories, tough upbringing and interviews with a number of inspiring Kiwis.

Coming to TVNZ soon

When Today FM abruptly had the plug pulled on the station, among the casualties was community advocate Dave Letele, who had a Friday weekly radio show. Like other Today FM shows, the Buttabean Today FM radio show was doing okay in a hotly contested Auckland radio market. The termination of Today FM may have closed the door on Letele’s radio programme but it opened another opportunity at TVNZ.

TVNZ have commissioned a three-part series in which Letele will tell the community stories that affect the people his BBM charity help. “This started when I was interviewed as part of Paddy Gower’s pieces,’ Letele said. “I started thinking ‘why are we having others telling our stories’ and that’s how the idea for a series started.” Letele will over the next few months be shadowed by a camera crew filming Heavyweight with Dave Letele.

The three-part TVNZ series to screen later this year features Letele talking about his own tough upbringing and interviews with a number of “interesting Kiwis. “I can’t say too much about the show, but I will dig into the issues that affect our communities,” Letele told the Herald. “People know my story but to hear similar stories from people I respect in the community was very emotional.

“I found it pretty cathartic actually – I didn’t expect to be quite as affected as I was by sitting down with people but I have been incredibly moved by the stories that have been shared with me. There has been a lot of trust shown there – and I’m privileged to bring these stories to air. “I want this shine a spotlight on stories that might not otherwise be told.

Letele is a much sought-after motivational speaker but feels more comfortable in the community doing the mahi. “Through sharing, I hope we can make change” The first episode, directed by Ant Farac and Tuki Laumea, is expected to air on TVNZ later this year.

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